Sarah & Kyle | Engaged!

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We fell in love with Sarah and Kyle a few years ago when they joined us for a fall mini-session event. They were so much fun and our cameras loved them as much as we did! We could tell how they interacted during their session that someday they would figure out what we already knew...that they had each found their happily ever after! We were ecstatic to hear the news that they were finally tying the knot! We asked Sarah to share their love story...

 How did you two meet?

About a month before the first Hotsinpiller Memorial fundraiser dance, I found myself single, without a date, and two tickets to this event. A mutual friend of ours, former Harrison County Deputy Jody Cunningham, recommended that I contact a "great guy" he knew who was also single looking for a date to the event. "Just look him up on Facebook," he said. So I did. After several days of virtual stalking, I realized we had many mutual friends, but I was afraid to befriend him, afraid he'd find it too forward or strange. One night, after a couple glasses of wine, I finally clicked the "add friend" button. He just happened to be out with some work friends, a few glasses of liquid courage that benefited me as well. He said he received the strange friend request, thought, "I don't know her, but she's cute, so why not?" and accepted it. The next morning, he remembered the request, was looking through my profile, considering messaging me or deleting me, when I simultaneously sent a message explaining who I was and what I wanted. We chatted all day, and he wanted to meet before the actual event. He picked me up for dinner that evening.

Tell us about your first date!  

When he picked me up for dinner, he says that I jumped in his truck before he was parked, so he didn't even have time to get out and open the door for me. He says I also started my sentence with "and" while chattering on without even allowing for formal introductions. I remember being nervous. He thought it was confidence, which he found attractive. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, where we stayed until they kicked us out at closing time, but not before we made plans to have a second date the next day: cooking at his house. Turns out, his stove was broken, and he spent the next day buying and installing a brand new stove. He claims our second date was the most expensive date he has ever been on!

What do you love most about each other?  

We value what we have found and don't take it for granted. We each lived and loved prior to finding each other. We each understand the value of those past relationships. They weren't wasted years. They molded us and taught us valuable lessons that have made us better for each other. They brought us to this point in time. We came into this relationship more mature than in relationships past.

What do you want to remember most about your relationship at this time of your lives?  

We want to remember this excited feeling. We want to remember the joy of just being together, of planning for the future. We want to remember the romance and love and desire just to have an evening together, even if we are just watching tv or sitting on the porch.

Describe your perfect weekend together.  

Our perfect weekend together was our engagement weekend. See the "Who popped the question?" section.  A close second is our weekends at Kyle's family farm in Calhoun County with the kids. When we are there, life slows down. There's no cell phone service. There's not internet. We fish, ride fourwheelers, have a campfire, and enjoy just being together with no distractions. It takes us back to a simpler time.

Tell us one fun fact about each person!  

Sarah - She hates dry skin. She can't stand the sound of dry hands rubbing together. She probably goes through a bottle of lotion a week.

Kyle - Kyle is younger than Sarah and he never lets her forget it!

What are your hobbies?   

Sarah - I like to run. I share my love of running by coaching cross country and track at Liberty High School. I also like to read in the bathtub while sipping wine. I am also a crafter and scrapbooker.

Kyle - Kyle likes to hunt and fish, especially at his family farm in Calhoun County. He also likes to ride his Victory motorcycle and watch Reds baseball. His favorite trip each year is our motorcycle trip to Cincinnati to watch the Reds play each summer.

Who popped the question? How?  

Kyle popped the question at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. on April 11, 2015. For Valentine's Day, he surprised me by putting the reservation in my card. He asked my kids for permission, and they even helped pick out the ring. He asked me to do some research about where the best cherry blossoms are in D.C., so that's where we went! We were walking around the Tidal Basin with thousands of other people. He told me to get in front of a flowering tree so he could get my picture. He said the angle was all wrong, so he got down on one knee, then he got closer. It was then that I realized he was fiddling with a ring box. I was stunned. He asked me to marry him and I froze, not sure if it was really happening. He was shaking. I started crying. Marriage wasn't something we had talked about too much, so I was totally caught off guard. I asked him why he didn't snap the picture, since he had the camera in his hand. He said he was shaking too much and couldn't get it to work!

What is the most anticipated moment of your wedding day?  

The ceremony, seeing each other (specifically the groom seeing the bride), is the most exciting moment. Of course, the after party is a close second! We have a lot of friends and family coming to celebrate with us that we hope have a good time.

Why did you choose Mia Bella to document your day?  

We were first introduced to Mia Bella during a fall mini session for our one year anniversary in 2012 when they were still Sweet Peas Photography. We absolutely loved the unposed, romantic, high quality photos from that session that still hang on our walls today! Shelley and Mindy were so much fun and made the process less intimidating. When we got engaged, we didn't even debate who our photographers would be. We already knew.


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